Greg believes that the wisdom of some of history's great thinkers (who were not lawyers) is applicable to the practise of law.

  • "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no more simple."
    - Albert Einstein

Greg believes that every effort should be made to simplify things in terms of determining the course of action to be taken, and following through on that course of action. His extensive experience can help avoid unnecessarily complicating matters, and the delays and added cost that may follow.

However, if there are 10 valid considerations to successfully conclude a matter, one cannot disregard one or more of the 10 and expect the same successful result.

  • "If we have a strength, it is in recognizing when we are operating well within our circle of competence and when we are approaching the perimeter."
    - Warren Buffett

  • "I'm no genius. I'm smart in spots, and I stay around those spots."
    - Thomas Watson Sr. (founder of IBM)

Greg restricts the areas within which he practises. If a client's file would benefit from the assistance of another lawyer with additional specialized knowledge, Greg will obtain it, and not feel restricted to hiring a lawyer with whom he is in business. As a sole practitioner Greg is free to retain any lawyer who he thinks is the best choice for the work at hand considering expertise, cost and availability.

  • "To the man with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."
    - Proverb: origin unknown

Every client's problem is different. How to deal successfully with your problem will depend on your circumstances. Greg's extensive experience puts him in a position to identify alternative courses of action and advise you of the one most suitable for you.

  • "Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof."
    - John Kenneth Galbraith

Businesspeople must have the flexibility to constantly deal with newly available information and changed circumstances to successfully operate their businesses.

By the same token, lawyers must have the flexibility to constantly deal with newly available information and changed circumstances to properly advise businesspeople. Good legal advice on a particular matter today may be different than it was in the past. Understanding the reasoning behind the law as it relates to a particular matter is important.

  • "The company that needs a new machine tool, and hasn't bought it, is already paying for it."
    - old Warner & Swasey ad

This idea applies to goods and services of any kind, including legal representation.